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Equestrian Sales

A Great Range in Stock at Masterco ...

Why not give yourself a helping hand with a Compact Tractor to help with your everyday equestrian tasks - it'll take the strain out of lots of jobs!

We have a range of compact tractors and machinery to make any job easy: toppers to keep the thistles down in fields, mowers for a perfect paddock, chain harrows for grass husbandry, link boxes for carrying feed, hay and fence posts (perhaps your link box can make the job of lugging jumps around easier when setting up the course) ... or taking the strain out of moving manure around!

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Link Box - brilliant new design

A great compact idea especially for clearing out your stable !

Compact link box only 1m wide so it fits through the stable door. Open the door... reverse the tractor up and put the box through the door ... pick out or clear out your stable into the link box ... then hop on the tractor and drive it away to the manuare heap - what could be easier !

It is also very useful to fetch and carry feed, hay, fencing, jumps and much more in your yard or paddocks.

As well as being great for the equestrian enterprise this compact box is useful for any small holding or estate. It's light weight design with removeable back gate means it is great to carry stones, logs or manure; small livestock, fencing or even your faithful Jack Russells.

At our special price of just £274.99 it is an absolute bargain.


4ft & 5ft Tipping Transport Box  - lighter weight for compact tractors from Masterco

4ft & 5ft Tipping Transport Box - lighter weight for compact tractors

4ft & 5ft Tipping Transport Box  - lighter weight for compact tractors

Very popular with anyone who has a compact tractor and lots of 'things' to move! Ideal for manure, straw, logs, stones, soil etc where the tipping action is great for unloading. Also a brilliant carry box for fencing, pooh picking and many jobs on a farm or small holding - you can even use to carry jumps/poles around when setting up the jumping course or dressage arena. Have you ever thought of using the box as a digger scoop - our tipping boxes have a panel that can be removed to use for this.

4ft - £299.99 (incl VAT)

5ft -  £324.99 (incl VAT)


4ft and 5ft Grass Topper for compact tractor from Masterco

4ft and 5ft Grass Toppers

These robust toppers are suited to maintaining pastures and pony paddocks. They happily cut long grass, docks, brambles, nettles, thistles, weeds and will give a good even finish. Height is adjusted with the side skides and the topper can be off set. Machines are sold fully assembled and include a new PTO. CE marked

4ft - £799.99 (incl VAT)

5ft - £949.99 (incl VAT)


4ft mower cutter with wheel topper from Masterco

4ft Mower Cutter with Wheel

Robust Cutter Mower ideal for maintaining pasture, paddock or stock land. Has a wheel guide to support the mower as it travels behind the tractor. A brilliant machine to help with mowing.

£799.99 (incl VAT)


Spike harrows for compact tractors from Masterco - 4ft and 5ft

Chain Harrows - 4ft, 5ft and 6ft

Chain Harrows - 4ft, 5ft & 6ft available, Spike harrows & Tine Harrows

Suitable for use in maintainence of any pony paddocks and small fields to harrow the ground and keep level and weed controlled. Made of tough metal coated to protect in all situations. Harrows can be reveresed to give different finish - one side gives deeper soil drag while the other has shorter tynes for surface work. Harrows come with additional bar to fix one set behind another to give a larger drag chain.

4ft - £179.99 (incl VAT)

6ft - £299.99 (incl VAT)


Bale Spike for compact tractor from Masterco

Bale Spike for Compact Tractor

Suitable for use with any compact tractor picking up round or square bales. This has 3 point rear linkage fitted and is category 1 size. This is a very sturdy item and is also ideal for much larger tractors up to 60-70hp. It has one large spike and 2 smaller spikes to make sure the bale is well picked up and cannot rotate.

Great value at only ...

£199.99 (incl VAT)

Menage Leveller - 4ft and 5ft for compact tractors form Masterco

Menage Leveller - 4ft and 5ft

For any equestrian yard with a menage this leveller is a great implement to have. Levels the ground really well after the horses have been in the school, ready for the next session. Ideal behind a compact tractor.

4ft £249.99 + (incl VAT)

5ft £299.99 + (incl VAT)


Flail Mowers from Masterco for compact tractors

Flail Mowers

Flail Mowers available in a variety of sizes. Great with compact tractors where rougher paddocks or fields need clearing or cutting. Machines are sold fully assembled with new PTO shaft. CE marked.

Prices Vary depending on size. Please phone to enquire.

On 01278 686352 or 07590 443499

(prices incl VAT)

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