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The Grass is Growing - It's Mowing season !

Posted by admin2556 on March 13, 2012

If you have a paddock or field the mild weather will mean that the grass is starting to grow and you'll need to think about grass maintenance and husbandry. Whether you are grazing horses, sheep or cattle will depend what may need doing to your grass. 

Some animals with eat nearly all the crop, others are 'fussy' and selective. Some fields will have thickets of nettles, brambles or buttercups while others give an even grass growth. Using the right processes to look after your grass at this time of year will effect the quality of your grazing throughout the year. If you have uneven patches of nettles for example you will need to 'top' the field - take off the 'top' layer of growth particularly above the grass ie. take off the nettles heads to prevent seed growth and nettles 'taking over'; if you have a heavy patch of brambles or thistles where a field has been left to grow naturally for some time you may need a flail mower for the initial cuts to control the growth and allow grass to grow through. If its a parkland, sports or lawn finish you require you will need a finishing mower which gives an even cut and leaves an even quality finish to the cut.

Masterco offers various sizes of machines to help with these jobs. Your choice will be guided by the compact tractor that you have (or wish to purchase), your budget and your land/field size. Some mowers suit specific jobs and situations, but we offer some clever machines that can combine jobs and therefore are great value to give good field husbandry.

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