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Toppers for 'topping' as the nettles and buttercups raise their heads !

Posted by admin2556 on March 13, 2012

If the grass is growing then so are the nettles, buttercups, brambles and weeds. You may notice, particularly in horse paddocks, that the growth is getting uneven, and in patches the nettles or the buttercups begin to take over. 

That's when you need to 'top' the field to control the weeds and allow the grass to grow through. It's worth spending some time in the spring controlling the weeds to get a strong growth of grass that will last through to the summer.

At Masterco we supply good quality 4ft and 5ft Toppers to fit your compact tractor. Browse through our website implements page and you will see a variety of sizes and types of topper to choose from. If you need advice as to what to buy please ring Sam and have a chat. He has many years of experience with compact tractors and machinery and his agricultural background gives a wealth of helpful advice and information for you. 

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